Three Things

I’ve ben thinking a lot these days about our impact in the world. It’s heavily inspired by “Ducks, Newburyport,” which if you are up for dense, delicious, thought provoking and relevant reading is EXCELLENT. And I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that I’m turning thirty in a few weeks. You never know how…

the end of the day

when at the end of the night your soul finds itself in front of the mirror feet bare muscles stretching skin sweating. tired your day one of endless movement finally over the rhythms slip under your skin and the unwinding begins hips move feet point chin turns deftly to spot over and over and over….

The Secret of How it is to Live

Sometimes the way we feel at night (as if the secret of how it is to live hangs within our grasp) sinks deep into our consciousness and we find with surprise and unsurprise all in one breath that this knowing exists always instead of exclusively in the hours of in-between (quiet enough to hear the…

we wake –

the heart thoughts that I have yet to find the words for finally captured by leaves turning from alive to brilliant.

August 23rd, 2017 

It’s one of those days where I can see (faintly and smudgy against the horizon) where the idea that being a restaurant manager is glamorous comes from. My day starts languidly, rolling out of bed at 9:30am. I lounge in the sunshine on the back deck before jumping in the shower. Tossing around the desire…

on the drive home

the taste of salt still in my mouth memory of an oyster scooped unceremoniously standing on the steps between kitchen and chef’s office weight of the day dangling off my shoulders or is that just my purse the noise of service slipping into a haze as I slide out the back door into fresh air…


at the bottom of the mug this small splash of sweetness a promise of more to come.

No one else I’d rather be.

Happiness returns as we slip into the comfort of our old self-sure self. It is as if rediscovering our most loved t-shirt our most faithful little black dress our most outrages-only-we-can-pull-it-off-outfit. This certainty comes from somewhere deep inside. There are no words for the feeling. It simply is. It simply is who we are. Without questioning…

Close Your Eyes and Trust Your Instincts.

That moment when suddenly it falls into place. For weeks and weeks you have been fighting an internal battle – you know you are missing pieces of the puzzle and the only way to get to them is to continue. You get up, you find tasks, you clean your house, organize cupboards. It will be okay…

when she was small.

when she was small she spent her days dirty from tip to toe. She dug holes, made mud pies, splashed, sat, sank, in puddles already knee high. she threw herself relentlessly into the world of dance, adamant from age 3 that it was where her body belonged. her mind a beehive of fantasy; her nose…

Gratitude today

for opportunities that come unexpected. unasked for. unassuming.

Jam and Bread; or, everything you need in life

Bread warm from the oven. Jam freshly made, most of it jarred up tight. Yeast the smell of it through the entire house. Patience taken to make both of these pleasures. Gratitude for the simplicity and ease of creating comfort.