August 23rd, 2017 

It’s one of those days where I can see (faintly and smudgy against the horizon) where the idea that being a restaurant manager is glamorous comes from. My day starts languidly, rolling out of bed at 9:30am. I lounge in the sunshine on the back deck before jumping in the shower. Tossing around the desire…

A Parallel Shadow

Her feet whisper across the stage marking steps long since learned long since obsolete and still she turns endlessly on the same track her legs strong and sure within the movements of repetition. Her audience gone she dances mindlessly her soul cupped carefully in the hands of the ghost she has become. Without hesitation she…

the weight

it makes you hard you know. all this push and pull of others on your soul on your heart. you build boundaries that lie on different meridians than the ones you would naturally form. you find solace and sorrow mixed equally in bones that you didn’t know you had made aware only by the weight…

she taught me to shift

in the early years of our love affair when I used to roll my eyes & sigh every time she changed that to this or moved there to here. I, stir crazy with desire for the way it was going to be to arrive already ran my eyes over the magic of transformation with disdain….


our feet root into the age old memory of harvest the earth pressing up into our soles as if to remind that we too hang heavy on our vines ready to be picked.