The Makings of a Hero.

It seems impossible that my two weeks in Vancouver are already over. It seems impossible because instead of wrapping up in a nice and tidy ten-day bundle, the┬átime evaporates into an ever growing list of things I have to do. There are loose strings hanging every which way and email threads that promise to continue….

And Then She was Grateful.

The maze that leads us down to the basement of 560 Beatty street makes me wince a little – are there going to be windows in the office? Being shut up in an office for 8 hours a day that has only fluorescent lighting and no windows probably ranks as one of my worst fears….

Jumping In.

Sometimes (okay often) in my life there are moments that come along and just feel right. People tell me frequently – particularly when I’m feeling down and uncertain about the future – not to worry because I always seem to carry momentum with me where ever I go. They say this as if I have…