Gratitude today

for opportunities that come unexpected. unasked for. unassuming.

Grateful today

for cars that use little gas island highways that wind next to the ocean fresh snow on mountains sun sneaking through clouds glare from the road once rainy sunglasses in March small bakeries

Leap year marmalade.

Plums roasted, sieved, boiled. Blackberries too. This year’s lemons cooked, scraped, sliced. Flavours build on each other as the seasons mingle, summer with fall, fall with winter, winter with sunlight. Gently layered this jam is like nothing else that I have made before. The elements blend so that you can’t tell where one ends and the…

The luxury.

This morning water runs hot from the tap. The soap frothing and filling the smooth white of the carefully mechanized tupperware, designed solely to hold water for dishes. the luxury the privilege the indulgence. In order to appear from my faucet there were first men who imagined piping systems that would connect a whole city to…


The act of deliberate gratitude in itself gratification. Each day a yellow post it joins the wall of post-its covering the kitchen cabinets. it reads: “Morning Gratitude,” or perhaps, “Gratitude tonight.” three things listed below. this simple act beginning to fill the space inside where self love used to live.