A Daily Practice.

Tonight throat scratchy nose stuffy but gratitude a daily practice. and so today it’s thanks for sunny south facing steps cookbooks that endlessly inspire grocery shopping friends who come for dinner chocolate tarts gluten free gnocchi brown butter & parsley sauce red wine belief in the dreams we hold

Jam and Bread; or, everything you need in life

Bread warm from the oven. Jam freshly made, most of it jarred up tight. Yeast the smell of it through the entire house. Patience taken to make both of these pleasures. Gratitude for the simplicity and ease of creating comfort.  

Grateful today

for cars that use little gas island highways that wind next to the ocean fresh snow on mountains sun sneaking through clouds glare from the road once rainy sunglasses in March small bakeries

this here being me.

Familiar rhythms ground us as Sunday morning arrives in Comox. Only hours away from everyday life, it already feels surreal, as if when I return everything will be as it was before I left. This here so familiar – up early at the academy rehearsing. We sweat, we negotiate, we start from the top time…

In the beginning.

Yesterday there were no words for gratitude. There was simply too much caught up inside. The sorrow of one chapter ending stole my words, froze my tongue, blurred my eyes. It felt undone. Loose ends that will never be tied up or sorted out dangling this way and that as we hastily and unceremoniously left the…

First of the season

before spring truly arrives a few brave and adventurous souls. green, leafy, full-of-wonder. they sprout, grow, nourish. tonight, purple broccoli charred under the broiler miso grapefruit & garlic too. for this, gratitude.

In Paradox

To sit, able to eat a carrot in the gray light of late afternoon on any continent, in any climate. To buy peppers, lettuce, peaches all year long. For milk, caught and pasteurized in bottles so that it might last until it reaches our shelves. It might seem as though my gratitude today is for…

because it’s the littlest bits

Today she talks non-stop, sits upright in the chair, fairly bounces through her day. this shift inside is like three thousand brightly lit steady burning flames. gratitude tonight is both the largest and the smallest we have talked about yet. it is gratitude for self. it is the release that happens when left completely open…

Gratitude Today:

Cake for breakfast. Breakfast at all. period. Perfectly sharpened pencils. Erasers. Post it notes. Winter afternoons that are almost spring. Brazilian funk. Walks. Wearing neon running shoes out of the house and not giving a damn. Love.  

Leap year marmalade.

Plums roasted, sieved, boiled. Blackberries too. This year’s lemons cooked, scraped, sliced. Flavours build on each other as the seasons mingle, summer with fall, fall with winter, winter with sunlight. Gently layered this jam is like nothing else that I have made before. The elements blend so that you can’t tell where one ends and the…

The luxury.

This morning water runs hot from the tap. The soap frothing and filling the smooth white of the carefully mechanized tupperware, designed solely to hold water for dishes. the luxury the privilege the indulgence. In order to appear from my faucet there were first men who imagined piping systems that would connect a whole city to…


my old fashioned muddled with maraschino cherries at the bottom first instinct maraschino cherries in an old fashioned? second instinct what is a maraschino cherry anyway? third instinct gratitude. baffled by unnaturally coloured fruit in the back row of the jazz lounge my appreciation is for the expectation that fruit is seasonal and should be recognizable for…