The Writer

Katherine Marguerite:

Her first word is book. By age four – big brown nymph eyes and impossibly skinny legs – she is reading, caught already by the power of words. Days pass with the world completely unnoticed, her nose deep in the spine of a new story – it’s too good to look up from. High school creative writing classes produce snippets of humour, a flash of talent perhaps.

It’s a skill often forgotten as she pursues the world of business at university. But then she travels. And the words start to come again. Sights, sounds, impressions, moments – they all have to go somewhere. With fingers flying, words begin to fill the screen. Gradually the knack of capturing what it feels like in the moment starts to come back.

Ever a paradox of creativity and systematic exactitude, she realizes that it is through the black and white of text on the page that she synthesizes the hazy gray of existence. It is here that her endless wealth of curiosity and imagination find space to cohabit with her love of rules and organization.


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  1. Sally Murphy says:

    Wonderful blog! I look forward to reading more.

  2. Eli Takesian says:

    Your grandfather Arnold boasted of your writing skills, prompting me to peek at your website. Living up to his words, you’re also filled with a delightful imagination! Sharpen your pencil and keep using it.

    1. kmarguerite says:

      Eli – Thank you for taking time out to read. It’s always lovely to have words of encouragement and to know that there are people out there finding enjoyment in the words that I write.

      1. Pasha says:

        Dear Katherine: A belatedHappy Birthday! We have really enjoyed reading your journal! See you in June!
        Grammy and Pasha

  3. Jefferson Braswell says:

    Bonjour, La PlusPetiteMorceau ! Je fait le “rentrée” aux Etats Unis apres un tres bonne voyage a Paris la semaine derniere. C’était tres agreable ! J’ai loué un appartement pres de la Place de la Bastille, a Rue de la Roquette — il était très pratique – et la rue était très animée !

    Je voudrais que vous sachiez que j’ai réservé le nom de domaine pour toi pour cette blog.

    Je vous souhaite la meilleure des chances à tous vos projets et vos rêves !


    1. kmarguerite says:

      Merci bien oncle Jeff!!! C’est un cadeaux magnifique!!

  4. nice2beme says:

    Nice blog. You are sharing here beautiful thoughts with others. I am a photographer who travels and I`m sharing all these inspiration on my blog. Welcome to check)

  5. France says:

    Katherine , thanks for sharing this with me. You ´are Like a boxe of chocolate, full of surprises! I really enjoyed reading you. France

  6. Jeff says:

    Congratulations on your ongoing, and clearly successful, pursuit of the art of the written word. You have clearly inherited one of the talents and creative genes in that regard from the family tree, of whom there are many examples, including your great-grandmother namesake, Marguerite.

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