A Part of Who You Are.

A week ago, while visiting my sister in Montreal we came across a scrap book that the family had made her when she graduated from high school. Among the many pages of memories there was an envelope titled “Kath’s table setting tips.”  Inside this envelope were colour coordinated flash cards, with different “tips” on how to set a lovely table. Authoritatively, my thirteen year old self recommended what colours to use in each season, how to fold napkins for a “more elegant” or a “more relaxed” feeling, and what flowers should be paired together for what holiday.

It made me cry I laughed so hard.

Sometimes I wonder exactly how and when I decided to become a restaurant manager. There are moments of choice that I can pinpoint of course, but I still feel baffled some days that it was ever an option at all, much less the one that I chose not once but twice as my career. Finding these cards was like a little reminder that this love of having a table set exactly so, and  the connection to welcoming people in for food, goes back much further than those first years at Nourish.

A question that comes up for me again and again, relentlessly battering against the inside of my consciousness is the one of purpose. Specifically, am I fulfilling my purpose to the best of my ability? Exactly how is it that I arrived at being a restaurant manager? What else might be out there just waiting for me to fall in love with it and discover a new level of luminosity within myself?

Finding these cards was like receiving a message from myself that said, “Whether or not there is something else that would also light up your soul, this here is something you were born to do. This here is something that at the age of 13 you already considered yourself an expert on. This here, has always been part of who it is you are.”

And so my commitment to myself is to question less, experience more, find new ways in which to live this life in more fulfilling and thoughtful ways, no matter what it is my daily life looks like.

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