The new year slips out of the old
wearing a cloak of darkness
thick enough to fool us
into believing
that there are no new beginnings.
Our souls turn inward
(by surprise;

by intention;

by cyclical forces
greater than our consciousness)

In awe we examine our desires
and discover them to be
both humble and grandiose
they carry the weight of our life’s purpose,
the simplicity of fresh baked bread.
Our path continues to fall
into alignment as we begin to understand
how these desires
shape our actions;

our patterns;

our relationships;

Inevitably, when we turn our gaze outwards
we bring with us the knowledge
of what it is our soul craves.
It is here
that we come to understand
why it is
new beginnings
are begun in darkness.
We start over
the new year slipping out of darkness,
and into the light.

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