Magic Happens

the frequency where we shatter
a low hum in our ears
our subconscious mind
ignoring it as it builds louder and louder.
We tell ourselves
that this frequency here
this constant pattern
of evenly pitched terror
will evaporate
if we continue
to choose
ignorance over bliss

but then we shatter.

the euphoric revelations begin
as our souls freeze
into a single pane of
paper thin glass




we can see through
our own self
and into our insides
in a way that we were unable
to do yesterday.

automatically we reach out
grasp frantically
at the shards
as they begin to splinter off
blood from cut fingers
mixes with
broken glass. broken souls.

we start over.

but now
every time the world whispers
that particular tune
we see straight through
who it is we are trying to be
and straight into
who is it that we actually are.

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