The secret to catching her

She was born to run. Her legs muscled and strong from the youngest of ages she has always moved quickly. From one thing to another she dashes. Her trajectory one long straight line of deliberate action she moves easily between places, spaces, people. Just try and catch her, she’s so far out ahead she sometimes forgets to look back. But don’t you know it’s silly to feel left behind? She has to travel at this speed. This power, this drive, this ability to run is what fills her heart with the her-ness of her, the happiness that radiates from her very core. Asking her to slow down is asking her to love her life less. It hurts her every time she leaves someone like this, but oh how she cannot help it.

Let her run, let her be free, let her stray away. This the secret to catching her.

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  1. Eden says:

    I love this. So many shivers! Really enjoy getting your posts in my inbox xoxo

    1. kmarguerite says:

      Thanks Eden! It means a lot to know you enjoy reading. Hope all is well!

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