Close Your Eyes and Trust Your Instincts.

That moment when suddenly it falls into place. For weeks and weeks you have been fighting an internal battle – you know you are missing pieces of the puzzle and the only way to get to them is to continue.

You get up, you find tasks, you clean your house, organize cupboards. It will be okay you promise yourself, the puzzle pieces will come. The inner child stomps her foot and says, “but I want to know NOW.” You ignore her. Instead you read books, look for answers anywhere you can think of and try to fill your mind with other matters. The moment you have space to breathe everything comes back.

Again and again the feelings of loss and hurt fill you so full you think that you can’t possibly go on. But you do.

And then you find one of the missing pieces. Your heart is that much closer to being whole again.

Then another.


It gets easier. The rate at which you accumulate missing pieces increases.

You realize that it is impossible to have all of the missing links, but you can get to a point where you have enough to start putting the picture together again. Here it all begins. Here is a point of vulnerability so great there is nothing to do but close your eyes and trust you instincts. They will not lead you wrong.

Close your eyes. Trust your instincts.

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