The Makings of a Hero.

It seems impossible that my two weeks in Vancouver are already over.

It seems impossible because instead of wrapping up in a nice and tidy ten-day bundle, the time evaporates into an ever growing list of things I have to do. There are loose strings hanging every which way and email threads that promise to continue. I’m mid-project in several places, and am working hard to fill in knowledge gaps that feel big and sometimes insurmountable.

2013-09-24 17.03.22

It sounds bad right? In fact, it’s exactly the opposite of bad.

2013-09-26 18.52.02

It’s jump-up-and-down-fill-your-boots-I-can’t-stop-grinning kind of good. It’s I’m-still-on-the-team-can’t-wait-to-go-back kind of good. It’s three-exclamation-points-on-the-end-of-my-sentence kind of good!!!

It’s exactly the way things are supposed to be kind of good.

Thank you for believing in me Change Heroes. Thank you for saying yes when I asked to come and explore your culture. Thank you for teaching me, for challenging me, and most of all for welcoming me on board with open arms and enthusiasm.

2013-09-26 09.31.13

This is only the beginning – I can’t wait to get started.

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