Catching Up.

That sound you hear? That soft sigh of exhaled breath with that accompanying noise of keys tapping and a disposable coffee cup being picked up and replaced on a table? That’s what morning sounds like over here in the San Francisco airport as I wait for my sister to fly in.

It’s a sigh of release, of settling into the weekend rhythm after a week of rocketing along at speeds faster than fast. It’s a sigh of contentment as e-mails get sent, sun streams in through wide open skylights, and vacation begins.

2013-06-04 12.19.08

The speed at which life is moving right now takes my breath away. Doors to the future are flying open, slamming agains walls as if caught in a gust of wind that just couldn’t wait to get out. Each time I turn my head, my eye is caught by one more piece of the puzzle falling into place. There’s a stupid grin smeared ear to ear these days: it’s about being back on the west coast; it’s about life being full of the loveliest people I can imagine; it’s about projects that are exciting and stimulating; and it’s about the vision of possibility that stretches out before me, just waiting for me to choose which door it is that I’m going to walk through first.

2013-06-25 15.28.02

Let’s do better at keeping in touch shall we? I’ve missed this space and the time to touch in with all of you. Besides, there is so much to tell! There is school, TOSS, weekends at Nourish, afternoons at Synergy Enterprises, dance classes, capoeira…

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