In the Living Room

Whoops. I forgot to tell you all that I’d be gone for a while. Sorry about the silence.

Kamille and I went to Greece.


No big deal.

The Acropolis. Temple of Zeus. Up the largest hill I could find. The Agora. Walking. Walking. Oh yeah – and walking. Museums. Fresh strawberries so cheap we ate a kilogram for breakfast three mornings in a row.


Crete. The Beach. Dinner. Cards. Dice. Coffee. Dinner. The Beach. Dice. Cards. Fresh fruit for breakfast on our terrace. Dice. And back to the beach. Sand.


There are moments in our life that are magical. For no explicable reason everything is perfect. The days go on and on. Each meal is better than the last and the opportunities just seem to fall into your lap. Greece with Kamille was perfect. It was magic in a way that no words can describe. It was beautiful in a such a way that when the rental car we had had for not even an hour broke down while we were busy driving up tiny one way streets in old town Chania avoiding tourists and trying to read Greek road signs we could only laugh. and laugh. and laugh. and laugh. The laughter continued for so long and in such quantity it seems as though we cried as much as we laughed.

Thanks to one of the most beautiful women in my life for being along for the ride!

And in the early but warm Greek morning we stumbled to the taxis at 5:00am so that I could start my journey home. First home to Antibes to pick up my suitcase and then home home to the West Coast of British Columbia.

Currently my living room looks like this:




I’m left wondering what laws of physics I thought were going to allow me to put everything into one suitcase and one backpack. I’m busy doing a jigsaw puzzle that may or may not fit together. It has packages on tea, bars of soap, blouses wrapped in tissue paper and even a bag of flour as just a few of the pieces.

But because everything always gets done there was also time to take one last walk in a thunderstorm and dance like crazy around the apartment to Yo La Tengo.


See you on the other side.


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